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Client Case Studies

  • Who: Fortune 500 Company
    Time frame : 18 months

    A Fortune 500 company website was in need of a complete redesign due to out-of-date branding and content as well as a legacy technology stack. Due to a wide array of product offerings in dozens of markets, the inherent complexity of content acquisition and management as well as ongoing IT initiatives, the project faced unique challenges with budgeting, coordinating among multiple vendors, integrating with several enterprise-grade systems and catching up with the changing IT landscape.

    Digiscribe – working together with an interactive design agency and multiple departments within the client’s organization – proposed, designed the architecture for and implemented a new multilingual website framework and sophisticated management tools that took into account the company’s business specifics, integrated tightly with major back-end systems and allowed the company to quickly accommodate ongoing changes in business initiatives in a difficult competitive climate.

    Results: Dramatically improved prospective customer conversion with an easy-to-use website backed by a sophisticated content management framework with minimal learning curve and advanced feature set.
    Services provided: Full life-cycle implementation, data migration, ongoing support
  • Who: Large Multinational Corporation
    Time frame: 6 months

    As a result of a complex corporate merger, a multinational company needed to centralize its customer management systems and processes and align them with the new marketing strategy as quickly as possible. The company was facing an increasingly large number of disparate systems while competing in an aggressive market and was looking to communicate with prospective and current customers in a consistent and efficient manner.

    Digiscribe conducted a review of the existing systems; worked with the client to establish a set of base requirements; and rapidly delivered a custom, end-to-end CRM implementation that provided flexible configuration options for the client’s various departments and geographical markets. In addition, Digiscribe created and implemented a custom-tailored, multi-phase roll-out and data migration plan that ensured virtually zero down-time transition to the new system.

    Results: A technologically solid, clutter-free, modern CRM system built to suit exact domain requirements that is successfully used across hundreds of sales office nationwide.
    Services provided: Full life-cycle implementation, data migration, training
  • Who: Major U.S. Home Builder
    Time frame: 4 weeks

    A major U.S. homebuilder was having difficulty with its existing Interactive Floorplan Viewer Adobe® Flash®-based application, which entailed complex integration with the company’s back-end systems. The company wanted to continue utilizing this attractive feature and enhancing it with new printing functionality in order to provide the best possible user experience for prospective home buyers.

    The interactive agency in charge of the floorplan production contacted Digiscribe to determine if a cost-effective solution could be found without dramatically revising the time-consuming and costly process of creating individual interactive floorplans. Digiscribe analyzed the issue and quickly delivered re-engineered Flash modules and the necessary back-end integration support components and training to resolve the previous issues while adding new functionality.

    Results: Existing blocking issue quickly solved and new functionality added in a cost-effective manner.
    Services provided: Debugging, re-engineering & training
  • Who: Large U.S. Company
    Time frame: 3.5 months

    A large U.S. company historically used multiple systems to manage its customer data, with one of the systems used for marketing purposes and several others for back-end/operations support. The company wanted to ensure that there was a robust and timely information exchange among the systems to ensure that the systems reflected the most recent changes to customer information, activities and communication with the company.

    Digiscribe worked with the company’s back-end systems vendor to establish a straightforward workflow and data exchange protocol to connect the dramatically different systems, and implemented the necessary middle-tier software that serves as a bridge for recurrent information exchange. In addition, Digiscribe constructed an auditing and data conflict resolution management framework to provide supervising staff with the tools to resolve more complex business scenarios.

    Results: Ongoing integration between business-critical systems achieved in a record time frame.
    Services provided: Systems integration and training
  • Who: Major Real Estate Company
    Time frame: 9 weeks

    A large real estate company planned to better engage prospective customers by running a high-profile sweepstakes that included complex tally management rules and advanced auxiliary functionality for social media sharing. The company had been running the contest over a number of years by implementing its front-end portion as an Adobe® Flash® application. However, the Flash®-based implementation lacked the necessary flexibility and occasionally suffered from performance problems.

    Digiscribe reviewed the contest requirements and recommended an alternate implementation using a pure HTML/JavaScript-based AJAX interface with advanced optimizations for the sweepstakes website assets. The resulting website was implemented in record time and allowed the company to easily change business rules that were found irrelevant/incorrect during the project lifecycle.

    Results: Faster load times on a high-traffic website and better flexibility for its content.
    Services provided: Performance optimization, full-cycle implementation, training
  • Who: Multiple clients
    Time frame: 3 weeks

    Some of Digiscribe’s clients required a staging environment that could replicate production eco-system functionality with minimum expense. In certain cases, the infrastructure of the staging environment required provisioning of multiple servers and private networks as well as massive storage capacities for realistic testing.

    In response to client demands, Digiscribe designed and implemented an extremely cost-efficient hosting infrastructure based on Amazon Web Services’ cloud computing offering that provided excellent scalability and on-demand utilization and simplified administration for both web and database servers.

    Results: Multi-tenant, complex hosting environment well-suited for development use with simple scalability and on-demand utilization.
    Services provided: Cloud infrastructure delivery
  • Who: Online Sports Store Chain
    Time frame: 3 weeks

    An online sports store chain relied on a proven, but aging web application infrastructure that could not be easily expanded to support the company’s new logistics process used for certain types of products sold online. The company had a tight timeline and budget constraints to implement add-on functionality for fulfilling new and complex shipping needs.

    After evaluating the existing infrastructure, Digiscribe proposed and implemented a standalone add-on functionality that extracted the necessary data from the company’s existing systems, interfaced to the chosen shipping partner and updated the necessary information in the legacy software.

    Results: Prompt and unobtrusive addition of critical new business functionality without the need for major investments.
    Services provided: Full-cycle implementation, legacy system integration